Thought-Of-The-Day: April 15th 2017

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

I’ve mentioned on my crafting blog that I have a card kit subscription now. Every month I receive a box of crafty goodies – usually a stamp set, some patterned papers, and then a few extra things that vary each time.

Yesterday the latest card kit was revealed. Initially I was very excited about it. The stamps in the kit create animated images – when combined with striped acetate (also in the kit) which is moved across them, the images look like they are moving. There were also some pretty patterned papers, and some interesting pens.

But… after some consideration I decided to skip this kit. Which is a bit of a big deal for me, because I want all the crafting things. It seemed like the right decision though.

Take the stamp set, for starters. The stamps need the acetate stripes in order to make the animation effect happen. They can’t really be used without them, as a standalone thing. Which means I’d have to buy resupplies of the acetate for future uses of the stamp set.

Then there was the patterned papers. At first glance they looked nice, but then I realised they all have religious wording on them, which makes them difficult to find uses for, at least for those of us who are non-Christian. The reverse side of the papers were just solid colour, but I already have solid coloured papers.

So… If you remove the animation stamps and all the related parts, the religious themed items, and the plain patterned papers, there wasn’t a lot left. Pretty much just the pens. And the pens are identical to markers that can be bought in ordinary shops, usually purchased for children, just repackaged in a prettier box to make them appeal more to adults.

Pared down to that, it hardly seemed worth the ~40€ that it would be costing me.

Having decided that, I emailed and asked to opt out this time. 40€ saved!

Well… not quite. One of my favourite Finnish based craft websites has a sale on over this weekend, so I took some of the money that I would have used on the card kit and bought myself a couple of things. A stamp set (that doesn’t require acetate ‘refills’ to make use of), a die, a replacement Wink of Stella (mine is running low), and a waterproof black pen (for if I want to draw in/add elements to my stamped images). After postage it came to just under 30€, so I still saved money compared to getting the kit, and will be getting items that are actually going to be of use to me!

Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next card kit will be, because it’s fun to get them!


Lady Joyful

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