Thought-Of-The-Day: April 11th 2017

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday I was sad, stressed, overwhelmed and just generally not enjoying myself. Today, thankfully, was a whole lot better!

For starters, it was lovely and sunny in the morning, which definitely brightened things up – literally and figuratively! The boys were pretty well-behaved. Thing 2 did get awkward with his lunch again, but rather than let it frustrate me as much as it did yesterday, I just ignored it, and praised him when he ate properly. It probably helped that we didn’t have to hurry today like we did yesterday, so it didn’t matter if he was slow about eating. (And he was. Took him about an hour. That’s what happens when you insist on just holding the mouthful of chewed food in your mouth for 5 minutes whilst you decide whether to swallow or not…)

There was a minor blip in the day when about 10 minutes before the time I’d been thinking I would finish work I realised that actually I was scheduled for another 30 minutes, but then I ended up being able to leave 15 minutes earlier anyway!

Oh and the tax stuff? Husband received notice that he’ll be getting a refund which is only about 2€ less than what I owe, so I guess that cancels out!

Also we made dinner together and it was fun and yummy and yeah, all that good stuff.

Oh and I made a card.

You know. Nice things. A good day all in all. Fingers crossed the rest of the week is too.


Lady Joyful


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