Thought-Of-The-Day: April 6th 2017

Lola, you are not helping!

I had plans for this evening. I was going to be productive. I’d already started working on my card in the morning (I had a late start) so plan number one was to finish it.

Well, then Lola decided as we were finishing dinner that my lap would make a good cushion. And she cuddled down. Which meant I was stuck on my computer chair and unable to go and complete my card. As I was stuck, and because I thought husband would appreciate it, I suggested we play a game together for a while.

Of course Lola decided to leave less than five minutes later… Typical! And I could hardly turn around and tell husband that we wouldn’t play together after all. So there went that plan. I did get the card finished at least, and now I’ve got these blogs done. I’m out of time for anything else though – off to bed with me!


Lady Joyful

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