Thought-Of-The-Day: April 5th 2017

The problem with looking at yummy recipes is how hungry they make you!

I use a program for meal planning that allows you to input recipes. And I enjoy entering recipes into it. If it looks/sounds yummy, I’ll add it to the program. The result is that we have far more recipes than we really need! We currently have over 1300 recipes.

When I make my meal plans I try to chose several recipes we haven’t tried before, as well as some we know we like. We rate them based on what we think of them. Usually husband decides┬áthe rating, because I seem to put “it’s okay” as 4 stars… I’m bad at rating! Anything that we dislike is deleted.

I have a bunch of magazines with recipes in that I’m trying to slowly go through and enter into the software so that I can get rid of the magazines. They take up a lot of space! I’m having husband go through the magazines first and indicate which recipes he thinks we would like. Because I too easily think something looks/sounds good and add it to the list despite it actually being something we’re unliked to make…

I should probably work on that!


Lady Joyful


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