Thought-Of-The-Day: April 4th 2017

Good news, everyone!

The vet emailed today – the results from Elvis’s tests are all clear. No follow-up treatment is required. He will need to be reassessed in a year, but that’s something we were doing anyway. So all is good.

Also it looks like maybe I don’t have to start repaying my English student loan. I thought I calculated that I am earning just over the income threshold, but when I was just poking around on my account online I spotted that my repayment schedule for the next year is £0.00. I’ll leave the celebrations until I have the letter confirming that I don’t need to pay though! I also did find that, if I am required to pay, I can do so using my credit card (which we pay in full every month) which is good because then there’s less fees associated compared to trying to do a monthly transfer from my Finnish account to the English student loan company.

I feel like I should write another good news to fill out this post. Three is a good number, right? Um… Well, I had a productive day. I caught up on colouring, made a card, didn’t (quite) leave these blog posts to the last minute… That’ll probably do, right?


Lady Joyful

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