Photo-A-Day: April 4th 2017

When I was a child I watched a program about “strange but true” things, and that tried to explain them. I have no idea what the program was called – it was forever ago. But one of the stories I remember was about a large tree that had fallen down during a storm. A group of workers went to remove the tree, and because it was so large they started by trimming away branches to make it easier to deal with. They spent the whole day working on removing branches, before stopping with the intention of returning to finish the job the following day. But when they returned the following day, the tree was once again standing upright.

The explanation for this strange occurence is actually pretty straight forward. The fallen tree still had roots in the ground. The removal of the branches made the above-ground part of the tree much lighter. Those two things together meant that, over the course of the night, the tree effectively swung back to a standing position. I feel like I did a bad job of explaining that, but hopefully you understand! No doubt the presenter on the program explained it far better.

Looking at the picture above you can probably see what made me think of the story! This fallen tree clearly still has some roots in the ground. I imagine with a helping hand it might be able to return to an upright position and continue a healthy life. Also I had to take a second picture of the grotto at its roots. Can’t you just imagine some kind of fairy or pixie living in there. (Or, perhaps more likely, a frog.) There’s something slightly magical about it, I feel.


Lady Joyful

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