Photo-A-Day: April 2nd 2017

Hello, birdie! This bird was a bit closer when we first spotted it, but by the time I’d got my camera out it had hopped further away. I zoomed in as much as my lense allows to take this picture. Ideally I would have moved towards it for a better picture, but it was already pretty nervous and I didn’t want to scare it off.

I’m wondering if I should start saving up for other lenses. I only have the one – a fairly basic lense. It does work well enough for the majority of my photographs so I don’t think I would need another one urgently. Just something to mull over.


Lady Joyful


4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: April 2nd 2017

    • What sort of lense is he after? I’d like one for these kinds of photos – pictures of animals with enough zoom to really feature them without scaring them off. But I also really enjoy taking macro pictures and would love a good macro lense… Guess I’ll put them on my “when we finally win the lottery” list!! Jackpot is 72 million this week. That should be enough… πŸ˜‰

      • I think he wants an 85 mm one-does that sound right? Apparently that gives you the focus for birds and animals..he also has filters that he can attach to zoom in/ focus..if I win btw obviously I will add a lens for you too…yeah I could cope with 72 mill!!

        • Haha, thanks πŸ˜› I think he likely knows more about lenses than me – all I know is the one I have doesn’t quite do everything I’d like πŸ™‚

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