A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 13 2017

motivationheaderCan you believe we’re already into the second quarter of the year? That seems so crazy to me! Time is going very quickly. The early progress I had at the beginning of the year definitely seems to have stalled. But perhaps this new quarter can be a bit of a fresh start.

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Go to bed on time (make it smarter – be in bed by 21:15 every day)
    • I think I went backwards on this one! It’s already nearly midnight here (good job I don’t have work tomorrow!) so I’m definitely not going to manage it today, but I’m determined to knuckle down and try this coming week. (Yet even as I write that I am doubting myself…)
  • Get up on time  (make it smarter – get up with the first alarm, no snoozing)
    • Still stuck at about 6. As above, more effort needed.
  • Work before play (make it smarter – complete task list before doing ‘for fun’ things)
    • Some days yes, some days no. Probably more “no” than I would like.
  • Communicate more (make it smarter – communicate via text, email, Skype or letter with at least one person every day)
    • Still have that one email to reply to… Received a letter this week so I need to reply to that. Otherwise going well I think.
  • Get ahead, stay ahead (make it smarter – be consistently two days ahead on card making and blogging)
    • I actually do have a whole bunch of pictures ready for the photo posts, thanks to our walk yesterday. I’m not ahead on cards at all though.
  • No chocolate (make it smarter – don’t consume any chocolate for the entirety of Lent)
    • Some days have been a struggle. A success, nonetheless.

Habits to add:

  • None this week.

Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily (make it smarter – work on my colouring planner during my work break in order to complete one colouring page a week)
    • I didn’t get it finished! There’s only a little bit left to do, so hopefully I can do it alongside this coming week’s picture.
  • Read on weekdays (make it smarter – read whilst commuting to and from work in order to complete one book every 14 days)
    • Going brilliantly. I actually finished a book already on Tuesday (and it wasn’t a particularly short one!) so have started on my next one. Goodreads says I am 3 books ahead of schedule having read 9 books so far this year.
  • Brush Lola’s teeth  (make it smarter – brush Lola’s teeth every morning)
    • Managed every weekday. Haven’t done at the weekend.


Lady Joyful

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