Thought-Of-The-Day: April 1st 2017

We should really do this more often.

Last week husband went with his not-work to a “recreational park” (that’s how the name translates, so let’s go with that.) A little island with lots of walking routes and things. And yesterday he suggested that we go for a walk there today. So that’s what we did. I took my camera and we got a whole bunch of picture despite the fogginess. (I even got a great picture of my lovely husband, but that won’t be coming on the blog – I try to avoid people-pictures here!)

We’ve both been saying for a while that it seems like we don’t spend as much time together as we did in the past. In fairness, there was quite a chunk of time when we were both unemployed and doing everything together, so obviously with me working it is impossible to be together so much. Also we used to, for example, cycle together to do food shopping, and would chat and just be together during that time. Nowadays husband tends to do the shopping whilst I’m working, and our bikes haven’t been used since we moved here.

This walk we took today gave us plenty of time to be together and just be us. To chat and to enjoy each other’s companies. No distractions. Well… we stopped frequently to take photos. And there was that yellow labrador that decided to say hello to us. Those were admittedly a kind of distraction. But my point still stands.

One of the things we talked about was how nice it was to have the time with each other. And we came to a decision. We are going to try and go out together, walking and talking, every Saturday. We won’t go to the same place each time because that would get a repetitive. I tasked husband with choosing where to go each week. I think it will be fun, and great for maintaining our relationship.

Plus, I’ll be able to get lots of photographs!!


Lady Joyful


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