Photo-A-Day: April 1st 2017

There seems to be a problem with your draw distance… Yeah, it was a bit foggy today. As you can tell – can you even see what this picture is? I can fix it for you. Here’s the same picture with some tone adjustments:

It’s birds!

We heard them well before we saw them. They were a rather noisy group, and we could not work out where they were. Then rather suddenly the group dipped below the cloud level so that we could just barely make them out through the fog. I immediately grabbed my camera to take a picture because it was quite an amazing sight. Of course by the time I got my camera up and aimed they were disappearing into the mist again, hence not really being able to see them in the original picture. Although you can just about see them when you know where to look.


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: April 1st 2017

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