Thought-Of-The-Day: March 31st 2017

If you end an activity with the justification that “the older group enjoy it” perhaps you should be taken your target audience into more consideration.

That thought summary was a bit long and ineloquent…

Basically, at tumble tots the first half of the class is structured play and the second half is free play. (Have I spoken about this before?) The teacher for Spring is a different one that we had in Autumn/Winter, and whilst I’m sure she’s trying her best she does not seem to be doing as well as the previous teacher. More often than not the structured activities go over the childrens’ heads.

Today the structured activity started with free play to music with some balls, which worked well. Then a more guided section where the children were prompted to kick, throw or roll the balls. That also went well. Then the teacher suggested a competitive game, and that’s where it didn’t go so well.

These children are 1-2 years old. They don’t really do competitive games.

The game started with the teacher laying out some ropes to divide the room in half. The children just wanted to take the ropes away. Then she asked the class to split into two teams, one on each half of the room, and instructed that each team should try and send all the balls over to the other side of the room. The children were happy to keep playing with the balls, but mostly just chased them around the room. If there was any “success” to the game it was because the teacher and some of the parents/guardians were passing the balls across the rope.

Fine, the older group enjoys it. But they are probably of an age that better understands competitive games, and are more readily able to follow those kinds of instructions. How about coming up with activities more suited to the age range that is being taught at the time? Surely that would be more interesting and educational to them, less frustrating to the teacher, and less chaotic as a whole.

Just a thought.


Lady Joyful


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