Thought-Of-The-Day: March 30th 2017

That’s not how you’re supposed to use the bin.

We live in a flat. Our building is two parts – A and B. Between them there’s about 60 flats.

As with many apartment buildings we have a rubbish collection area. It serves our whole building. It has recycling bins for metal, glass, card, and paper. It has a bio bin with two sides (so when one is full the other can be used) and it has three general bins, for everything else.

For some reason people only tend to use the general bin that is closest to the entrance to the bin area. To the point that it is frequently overfull, with bags of rubbish left on top or around it, whilst both of the other general bins have plenty of space left. Likewise people seem to only use the bio bin. (Admittedly that one is more understandable because the back lid for that bin is not really visible unless you walk around behind it.)

Around the beginning of the year signs were put up to make sure people realised that there are three bins, not just one. That did slightly improve things, though the front general bin still tends to be the most full.

Then this morning we went to take bins. Not only was there a whole bunch of rubbish overflowing from the front general bin, but it included two car wheels (the metal parts – no tyres), a table, parts of a children’s bed, a potty, and various other things which don’t belong there. Things which are meant to be disposed of at a tip, not dumped in the middle of the bin area…

Just because you put it near a bin doesn’t stop it being littering. Dispose of it properly please!

The worst part of it is that if people keep using the bins incorrectly the housing company will most likely put rent up to compensate. I understand why they do it, but it doesn’t seem fair for us to be punished for what other people are doing…


Lady Joyful

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