Thought-Of-The-Day: March 29th 2017

That’s not quite right…

Neither of us felt like cooking today, so husband used some of his fun money to order us pizzas. We were told they’d arriveĀ in half an hour and they came in 20 minutes! Not bad.

But then… husband’s pizza had clearly been turned sideways, because most of the topping had slid off and he had to push it back on. And then mine… I ordered a chicken barbecue pizza. The toppings are: chicken, barbecue sauce, onion, aura cheese (Finnish blue cheese) and pineapple. I don’t eat pineapple so we asked for it without.

You can probably guess what was on my pizza. Yeah, pineapple.

No blue cheese though. Somehow despite repeating “ilman ananas” to my husband, they’d decided to do “ilman aura” instead. (Ilman being without.)

Good thing I’m not allergic to pineapple. I just picked it off and ate the pizza. It wasn’t bad. Honestly, if they’d got the order right I would probably have been impressed with the service. But as it was… just average.


Lady Joyful


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