Thought-Of-The-Day: March 26th 2017

Fix it, don’t throw it.

It seems nowadays that a lot of people chose to replace things rather than trying to fix them. There have been occasions that we’ve been guilty of that, primarily when we feel we don’t have the skills or knowledge required to do the fixing.

In the last few days husband’s computer chair had started sinking randomly. It’s quite a common thing to happen with office chairs – after a few years of use the pneumatic cylinder starts to fail.

Understandably, we didn’t think there would be a way to fix the cylinder. I had a look at replacement chairs, but they’re not cheap, and our household items budget category is empty. (That doesn’t mean we don’t have any money, just that the money has other jobs to do at the moment.)

Out of curiosity I had a search for how to fix a sinking office chair and found a solution. A fairly simple solution. It involves using a hose clamp around the metal cylinder of the chair to prevent it from moving. It means the chair is no longer adjustable, but as husband is the only one who uses the chair, it’s not a problem to have it permanently fixed at the height he likes.

The chair is now fixed. It cost us a grand total of just over 10€ (it would have been 7€ but we bought the wrong sized clamps initially… oops!) rather than the 85€+ that a similar chair would have cost us to buy. And actually we have a second clamp and the required tape leftover, which means when my chair (which is the same model) starts to have the same problems we will be able to fix it too without having to spend any more money!

It’s pretty rewarding knowing that we managed to fix it and save that money in the process. I do think we should more frequently try to fix things that break. (And no, that’s not an invitation for everything to start breaking…) I think the key is to do it promptly – I have some items of clothing that need minor repairs done and I keep putting it off because I’m not great at sewing… I should probably just do it!


Lady Joyful

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