A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 12 2017

motivationheaderAnother week gone, and almost the end of the month too. Time just keeps running away! At the beginning of this week I was expecting it to be quite a long one. As it turned out, I ended up having a couple of days when I finished earlier from work than I had expected too. Somehow though that didn’t seem to help me get much more done!

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Go to bed on time (make it smarter – be in bed by 21:15 every day)
    • I really seem to be stuck at going to bed just before 22:00. Which isn’t terrible… But it’s not where I want it to be! And tonight I will be doing it again, because it’s already nearly 22:00 and I haven’t even finished writing this blog post yet! (Although I partly blame the clocks changing for this! Any excuse…!!)
  • Get up on time  (make it smarter – get up with the first alarm, no snoozing)
    • This also seems to be stuck – I am consistently getting up at about 6 despite my alarm being about 5:30. I did manage to get up earlier for my particularly early morning, but even so it was not with the first alarm.
  • Work before play (make it smarter – complete task list before doing ‘for fun’ things)
    • There have been a few times that I’ve had to change my priorities. I need to remind myself that sometimes it is fine for play to come first. That said, I’m really annoyed by how infrequently I’ve been making cards this month… I want to make more!
  • Communicate more (make it smarter – communicate via text, email, Skype or letter with at least one person every day)
    • I haven’t exactly been meeting the goal, but nor am I behind on any messages I need to send. Actually I just realised that’s not entirely true – I need to reply to an email from my previous employer… Okay well, it has been going better this week anyway.
  • Get ahead, stay ahead (make it smarter – be consistently two days ahead on card making and blogging)
    • Nope. Not ahead. Not at all.
  • No chocolate (make it smarter – don’t consume any chocolate for the entirety of Lent)
    • I had such a chocolate craving today! I had seen a recipe for the most deliciously gooey looking chocolate cake. It was very tempting (so much so that thinking about it to write this is giving me a chocolate craving again!) I did not give into the craving though. No chocolate has passed my lips this week!

Habits to add:

  • None this week.

Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily (make it smarter – work on my colouring planner during my work break in order to complete one colouring page a week)
    • I think I missed Wednesday, if I remember correctly. But I did get this week’s picture finished, and even managed to do last week’s too!
  • Read on weekdays (make it smarter – read whilst commuting to and from work in order to complete one book every 14 days)
    • This is going so well! I read every day, and I finished my book yesterday. I need to pick out what I’ll take for tomorrow! I’m now three books ahead of schedule according to the challenge tracker on Goodreads.
  • Brush Lola’s teeth  (make it smarter – brush Lola’s teeth every morning)
    • Managed every weekday. Haven’t done at the weekend. Or did I do yesterday..? I don’t remember!


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 12 2017

  1. waking up in mornings and getting ahead on writing are the two challenges I am struggling with. I really want to improve those habits. and yes, I can’t believe 3 months of 2017 are already done. I should reflect on that to motivate myself for some action

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