Photo-A-Day: March 24th 2017

Sometimes the cats forget to put their tongues away. It’s funniest when they stop part way through washing themselves and leave their tongues hanging most of the way out. Silly, cute things.

It’s still very sweet when their tongues are only poking out a little, just like Elvis is dong here!


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: March 24th 2017

  1. Lady Joyful it is adorable how they stick their tongue out. Never noticed my cat doing it. Will have to look closer. Just loved the picture. Hope to see more pictures.

    • Thank you! Ours don’t do it very often, but it certainly is funny when they do! Generally if it happens it’s because they were cleaning themselves and got distracted part way through! 🙂

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