Thought-Of-The-Day: March 22nd 2017

It takes a special skill to get covered in so much sand when most of the ground is covered in ice…

We were at the park this morning. Nothing unusual about that – we go to a park every morning except Fridays, when we are at Tumble Tots. Whilst we were there though, Thing 2 managed to get a whole heap of sand down the back of his neck. Like really, a lot of sand. I am not entirely sure how he did it. Yes, there were some sandy areas here and there, and he did have a bucket and spade at one point, but most of the park was still under a thick layer of ice.

I brushed away as much of the sand as I could before we left. Nonetheless, when we got inside and took off outdoor clothes a lot of sand fell onto the floor. I brushed it up as best as I could. Then had to vacuum away the rest. And then had to brush again because I found more!

Seriously. So much sand. He’d even managed to get some in his nappy!


Lady Joyful


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