Photo-A-Day: March 16th 2017

This picture doesn’t quite look how I’d hoped it would… I think it is a bit difficult to make out what you’re seeing. That big chunk of ice in the foreground was previously attached to the cliff-face, underneath the higher up chunk of ice.

Another thing that the picture doesn’t show is the gentle trickle of water bubbling up from beneath the ice that’s still on the rock. Or I suppose running past it from above, but it looked like it was bubbling from beneath it.

Today was a lovely warm and sunny day, and there are a lot of areas now that I could almost imagine winter has gone away. The street where my workplace is, for example, is almost completely snow-free now.

Husband tells me it is spring already. Perhaps it’s because there wasn’t often much snow when I was growing up in England, but I feel like if there is snow, it is still winter.

But I can definitely see that Spring on its way!


Lady Joyful

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