Thought-Of-The-Day: March 13th 2017

When I stop to think about it, I’m amazed at how far you’ve come. 

Naptime is ridiculously easy nowadays. (Okay, Thing 2 has reverted a little since his brother was born, but aside from that.) All i have to do is put the boys into their beds and leave them to it!

For the first few months at this job, naptime involved putting the boys in the double buggy, and rocking them back and forwards until they fell asleep.

The problem with that was that if one didn’t want to sleep they’d keep the other awake. on one particularly memorable  (perhaps “traumatic” would be appropriate…) occasion I spent nearly three hours trying to get them to sleep…

November was when I stopped using the buggy to get them to sleep. I managed to get Thing 2 to self-settle fairly quickly, and just had to put him to bed and that was that.

Thing 1 was trickier. He wouldn’t sleep unless I was sat with him, preferably with my hand on his back. I was convinced that trying to teach him to self-settle would be a disaster.

I underestimated him though – it took two days to teach him to go to sleep without me in the room! Not as difficult as I’d expected.

And as I said, now naptime is (generally) a breeze. Thing 1 happily climbs into bed in his own and falls asleep almost instantly. Thing 2 is struggling with a little regression, but doeswell nonetheless.

No more hours of buggy rocking, yay!


Lady Joyful

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