Photo-A-Day: March 13th 2017

We managed to get a couple more boxes unpacked over the weekend. In one of them we found a few different knickknacks, including the cat-sheep pictured above.

I think the sheep finger puppet was part of a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Some kind of gift, anyway. I like sheep, so I am sometimes given sheep related things.

Finger puppets are not so easy to stand up and display though. And it just happened to fit perfectly on top of this silvery cat that we have. The cat is a photo holder – it has a curly tail into which a picture, or I suppose any sturdy paper, can be slid.

Originally I believe we’d put the sheep on the cat as a silly thing, but it ended up staying there. So now we have a sheep-cat. Or cat-sheep. Either one.


Lady Joyful


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