Thought-Of-The-Day: March 6th 2017 

So, I can keep him then?I met Thing 2’s new brother today. Thing 3 is tiny and adorable. He’s a very happy and quiet little baby – barely made a noise in the time we were there.

I was able to have a cuddle with him which was lovely. His mum said “You can give him back whenever you’ve had enough.” to which I wanted to say “never, then?” Ha!

It was interesting to watch as he looked up at me, trying to work out who I was and whether he wanted to be held by me. At one point his little lip started to quiver (and didn’t that just melt my heart!), but a little shushing and gentle bouncing and he was happy enough to stay with me.

Ah, I want one.


Lady Joyful

PS, apparently I didn’t do a thought yesterday..? I could’ve sworn I did, but the evidence suggests otherwise!

2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: March 6th 2017 

  1. How sweet 🙂 Pleased the new arrival is here safe and sound…and you didn’t. I went back and checked…colouring, shiny lights and dusty pelican…lol…sounds like a porn star name!!

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