Photo-A-Day: March 5th 2017

March 5th 2017Today we went to a further away shop that we sometimes go to. The shopping centre involves a trip on the metro. It’s not too far, only a couple of minutes really. The metro station is almost in the shopping centre, which means we don’t to explore much because we haven’t had a reason to go out of the area.

Husband suggested we take a different route out of the centre and around the metro. Just a little detour and mini-exploration. In doing so we ended up passing a pub. It looked closed, though it could’ve just been because of the time of day. And it had some unusual statues here. Including the pelican you can see above. Rather dusty! Although one of the other figures, which I also photographed and will share in the next couple of days, was far dustier!


Lady Joyful


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