Thought-Of-The-Day: March 2nd 2017

This wouldn’t have happened if you’d just listened to me.

I was back at work today after having been off ill all week. I’m still a bit ill, but more or less capable of working, especially as my employers are lovely and are giving me short days this week whilst I’m ill.


I took the boys out to the closest park because, of course, it’s the easiest one to get to and I didn’t want to overexert myself. (Less than two hours into the day and I was already exhausted…!) The boys each had a bucket and spade with them and were digging in the slushy snow.

You see, we’re having slightly warmer weather again. So the snow is just starting to melt, which meant the park was full of dense, soggy snow that was on the verge of melting.

There was one particular area in the middle of the sandpit where the snow had melted more, and was definitely a puddle. A large, comparatively deep, slushy puddle. I told the boys not to go in it.

And of course they went in it. Sigh.

Then Thing 1 fell over as he tried to get in the puddle, and ended up dipping his face into it. He wasn’t injured, but he was somewhat upset at having a face covered in slush. I would have been upset too!

I’ll admit, I probably wasn’t as sympathetic as I could have been. I had told them multiple times not to go there. I was tired and sniffly. I was exasperated. But still, I helped him up, dried off his face, and then suggested it was time to go.

If I’m honest, when I warned them that they’d get wet and cold if they played in the puddle, I didn’t expect the wet and cold to be all over Thing 1’s face!


Lady Joyful

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