Thought-Of-The-Day: February 28th 2017

Lola, you’re such a pest.

I’m not kidding. Sometimes she can be a real monster. One morning recently she was yelling (something she’s fond of doing…) She wasn’t getting any attention from it (because we’re trying not to reinforce it) so she changed tact. She jumped up onto husband’s desk, walked over to the game controller there, looked right at us and pushed it on the floor.


This morning she tried to do the same thing with my thermometre but I called her name and she ran off.

This afternoon too, she was being a pain. She wanted food. I gave her food. She sniffed it and walked a metre away to lick the floor. Really.

Right now though she’s curled up fast asleep on husband’s computer looking completely adorable. How could I possibly say such means things about that innocent little fluffball?


Lady Joyful

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