Thought-Of-The-Day: February 25th 2017

Lola, you’re so noisy.

She’s in “her” room at the moment, as we’re getting ready for bed. (Or will be, just as soon as I finish writing this…) And she is yelling. Of course she is. That’s what she does best.

Last night we were woken up by her yelling. At the top of her voice, very suddenly. In the early hours of the morning… Just as I pulled myself out of bed to go and check on her she went quiet again. Typical.

When we put her into her room for the night we make sure she has enough food, because often she doesn’t eat a lot during the day as she sleeps for long stretches at a time. There have been a couple of times that when she’s been yelling in the night I discover she finished all her food, and giving some more quiets her down so that we can sleep.

A few nights ago though I went in to check on Lola when she was yelling, and she still had food. She got very purry when I appeared though – I guess she just wanted some attention. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a cuddle, but when it’s 3 am and I have to be up before 6 to get ready for work… Sorry, but I just can’t. Cuddles can happen during the day.


Lady Joyful

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