Photo-A-Day: February 24th 2017

February 24th 2017If you’re thinking that these cats look very perturbed you would be correct. They had a good reason for it. The reason they were up on the shelf because husband, terrible owner that he is, had the audacity to vacuum. Really, what was he thinking?

They weren’t very impressed. They rarely are when the noisy machine comes out, and will quickly find somewhere to be to avoid it. Of course the avoiding place may have to change during the course of the vacuuming because they can’t let it get too close to them.

I believe Sampson was hiding under the bed when this picture was taken. That’s a particularly popular choice of hiding place. Lola likes to use it when she realises we went to go to sleep and she’s not ready to go to her room yet.


Lady Joyful


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