Photo-A-Day: February 23rd 2017

February 23rd 2017Here is the picture I promised yesterday, taken when Lola found her way up onto the top shelf in “her” room.

Yes, her room. The only way for us to sensibly get sleep is by having the bed in the middle of the main room whilst Lola spends the night in what is supposed to be the bedroom but has instead been designated a cat room. That way the disturbance from her yelling is minimised.

As a result we’re basically living in one room. The cat room is literally that – it’s for the cats. There’s litter trays and cat trees, the cupboards with the cat food are in there. Okay, our clothes live in the wardrobes there too. But apart from that, the cats get more use out of the room than we do.

We’ve actually adjusted fairly well to living in one room. It’s a fairly big room, and we joke that it’s many rooms in one. Starting with a kitchen, then the dining room, craft room, bedroom, then office and finally living room. Multi-functional!


Lady Joyful

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