Photo-A-Day: February 22nd 2017

February 22nd 2017One morning recently, shortly before our alarms were due to go off, we heard a thumpy crashing sort of noise from the cat room. I went to investigate and discovered that Lola had finally worked out how to get up onto the top of the shelves. Once up there, she had apparently decided to clear off the cardboard recycling that we’d put up there and forgotten about. Tomorrow’s picture was actually taken shortly after the event, and shows her peering over the shelf at me. Today’s picture was taken a while later.

When she had come down from the shelf she decided that the recycling was very suitable for playing with. I’d neatly stacked them up together until we would be able to take them out to the bins. But Lola decided to dive bomb them multiple times, sending everything everywhere. And once she’d had enough of that, she climbed onto the pile for a rest. As you do.


Lady Joyful

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