Thought-Of-The-Day: February 20th 2017

The answer might have been wrong, but I’m still very proud of you!

At work this afternoon I was reading through a book with Thing 1. Every now and again I would ask him something like “Where’s the butterfly?” and he’d point it out. He did a pretty good job.

One page showed a foal and a pony in a stable. There was a horseshoe hanging on the wall. So I asked Thing 1 “Where’s the horseshoe?”

Horseshoe is not a word I’ve used with him before. It doesn’t exactly come up in conversation very often! But he knows horse, and he knows shoe.

First he pointed at the pony, and I said that yes, that’s a horse. But where’s the horseshoe? So he sat for a moment, looked over the page, clearly thinking hard. And then… He pointed at the horse’s hoof.

The answer may have been wrong, but the logic was sound. It is a horse. Shoes go on feet. Ergo, horse shoe must be on horse foot. Very clever! He did a great job of puzzling it out, and I made sure to tell him so!


Lady Joyful

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