Thought-Of-The-Day: February 14th 2017

Don’t be afraid to defy stereotypes.

When we were walking back from the park today we passed a car from which very loud music could be heard. The driver of said car was a brawny man with a very thick, long beard. A hard looking man. Not someone to mess with.

Given the aesthetic, and the high likelihood that, being in Finland, he is a Finn, you would perhaps expect him to be listening to heavy metal or rock. Something along the lines of Lordi, perhaps.

You’d be wrong.

Or else you might think he’s listening to rap. That’s another genre popular in Finland.

That would also be wrong.

He was in fact listening, very loudly, to “When the going gets tough.”

Be unexpected. Keep people guessing. That’s where the fun is.


Lady Joyful


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