Photo-A-Day: February 14th 2017

February 14th 2017The amount of light each day is gradually improving. It’s no longer always dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home. Now the sun is just about coming up when I leave, and more often than not it’s still light when I come home.

On January 1st sunrise was at 9:23 and sunset at 15:25. February 1st was about an hour better each way – sunrise at 8:34 and sunset at 16:34. Today (actually I’m looking at the information for tomorrow, but close enough) – sunrise 7:58 and sunset 17:11. In just a couple of weeks time we’ll reach the threshold that even my earliest starts won’t involve leaving before sunrise. Lovely.

Sunlight has a huge effect on me. During the winter, when it’s dark and dismal, I have a tendency to get SAD. And even when I don’t, my energy is lower, I’m less productive, I have more anxiety, I’m less social…

Brighter days are definitely a good thing!


Lady Joyful


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