A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 6 2017

motivationheaderSoon we’ll be half way through the second month of this Year of Motivation.This past week I had a bit of a realisation. A guess a bit of a “well, duh!” moment. I realised that some of the trouble I’m having with my goals and habits is that they are a bit too vague. I know about the concept of SMART goals – time to do a better job of implementing them! With that in mind, as I go over how each of the habits has gone this week I will also add a note of how I am making them SMART, or at least smarter.

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Go to bed on time (make it smarter – be in bed by 21:15 every day)
    • A slight improvement. The weekend nights continue to be an issue, but weekday nights continually to gradually improve. I’m still not having any consistent success. Wednesday night was a complete success – in bed at 21:10. Most of the other nights were around 22:00, though Saturday and Sunday were closer to midnight… Getting there. Will keep trying.
  • Work before play (make it smarter – complete task list before doing ‘for fun’ things)
    • Again I had difficulty tracking this. I think I did reasonably well at it. The smarter version of the goal should help me to track it better too. By task list I mean the daily list in my planner. I’m not sure if I want to include my Todoist list in that because it’s normally very, very long… But then if I don’t include it then I won’t get things done! I suppose I’ll count it, but completing it can also mean making informed choices with it. By which I mean, I have to have cleared the list, whether by completing the tasks or postponing them to a better day. After that, I am allowed to do fun things, which I will define as gaming, watching shows or YouTube, and making cards beyond the ones that count as work.
  • Brush Lola’s teeth  (make it smarter – brush Lola’s teeth every morning)
    • Last week I said I was going to try to add this to my morning routine. What a difference that made! I haven’t missed a single day since doing that. It helps because I have more energy in the mornings (once I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed), and Lola is always awake and active first thing, so I don’t have to wake her up to do it. I’m very happy with this habit and will be moving it to the habit shelf!
  • Communicate more (make it smarter – communicate via text, email, Skype or letter with at least one person every day)
    • I’m not yet up to every day, but I’m doing a better job. I got two letters written this week. I Skyped my dad. I’ve communicated with my brothers. I arranged to become pen pals with an old friend. Progress is being made. There’s still more to do, but it’s getting there.
  • Get up on time  (make it smarter – get up with the first alarm, no snoozing)
    • This one seemed to go almost opposite the going to bed one. I did better at getting up on time at the weekend than I did during the week. I think this habit is going to be a very difficult one to get on, because I’ve struggled with this pretty much my whole life. I am bad at getting up in the morning. I enjoy sleep, I like to snuggle up in bed, and I especially like being able to cuddle up with husband. It’s definitely a challenge. I will keep working on it.

Habits to add:

  • Get ahead, stay ahead (make it smarter – be consistently two days ahead on card making and blogging)
    • This is one that I think will benefit me a lot, and I’d like to be able to gradually increase the time period until I am up to a week ahead at a time. That’ll allow me some leeway in case of particularly busy times, or if I’m ill. There have been times that I manage to get a few days ahead with my photo-a-day series, or have a couple of cards made in advance, but I inevitably end up using it as a reason not to do anything towards them until I’m no longer ahead at all. At the moment I am a day ahead on card making, and I do already have a photo for tomorrow’s photo-a-day. My aim is to get up to two days ahead by the end of the week, and then hopefully increase to seven days by the end of the month.

Week 6Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily (make it smarter – work on my colouring planner during my work break in order to complete one colouring page a week)
    • I did indeed colour during all of my breaks at work. As I didn’t work full days on Thursday or Friday I didn’t work on the colouring page on those days. I had almost completed it at the start of the week, and then finished it up today. I did of course also do some colouring here and there for card projects throughout the week.
  • Read on weekdays (make it smarter – read whilst commuting to and from work in order to complete one book every 14 days)
    • I don’t think I read both to and from every day, but I did do at least one of them. I also read some days during my break at work. I completed the book on Friday, keeping me on track for my reading challenge. I also started my next book on Friday which, whilst I didn’t get very far through it, does mean I’m actually slightly ahead of schedule now!
  • Adding now – Brush Lola’s teeth


Lady Joyful


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