Thought-Of-The-Day: February 11th 2017

Crazy kitties!

Lola and Sampson have been playing a lot today. Chasing each-other. Attacking fluff. Rearranging some cardboard that Lola had dropped on the floor. (We’d put it out the way on a shelf waiting to go out to the recycling, then forgotten about it. Luckily we have cats to find it for us again, and spread it around the flat…)

There was a moment earlier when Lola was on the mat by the front door. Sampson was crouched down by a cupboard in the hallway. We spotted them just in time to see Sampson wriggle his bum, begin to pounce, stop himself, wriggle again, and launch himself at Lola.

It’s nice that they’re playing together, even if they do manage to make a mess in the process! And it definitely is playing – they both instigate it, and there’s none of the hissing or flying fur that occurs when Sampson tries to play with Elvis. Elvis never seems to be keen on playing, and Sampson doesn’t like to take no for an answer. Maybe Lola’s willingness to play will help convince Sampson to leave poor old Elvis alone.


Lady Joyful


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