Thought-Of-The-Day: February 9th 2017

What an easy way to end the week!

Poor Thing 1 has a nasty cough at the moment. As a result I wasn’t needed to look after him today, nor will I be needed tomorrow. And as Thing 2’s mum is on maternity leave she doesn’t need me to look after him for full days either.

Today I started work at 8 and was able to leave before lunchtime – I gave Thing 2 his breakfast, took him outside to play for a while, and that was that. Tomorrow I will pick him up at 9, go straight to Tumble Tots, take him home afterwards and then I’m done for the day!

I did intend to use my time today productively. And I suppose I did to an extent – I made the card for the day, sorted some housework, did shopping and cooking with husband. But I also spent a lot of time relaxing, taking it easy. A well earned break, perhaps?

I think I’ll do about the same tomorrow – try to get ahead a bit if I can, but not worry too much about it. I’ll have the whole weekend for doing things. Nothing wrong with a break now and then, right?


Lady Joyful


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