Photo-A-Day: February 8th 2017

February 8th 2017I spotted this little bird when we were walking back from the park recently. That little white patch above his beak is really cute, isn’t it? He was splashing around in the puddle taking a bath. Presumably a very cold bath, given the icy slush on the surface of the water!

I certainly wouldn’t want to take a bath in water that cold! You’re definitely braver than me, little bird.

Although, being able to take a bath is quite nice. We don’t have a bath, just a shower. Growing up we didn’t have a shower (well there was a hand-held one attached to the bath, but nothing to attach it to, and no screen, so you couldn’t really take a proper shower) and baths were the way to go. And now it’s the opposite.

If we ever buy a house I think we’ll have to get one that has a bath. I’m sure I’d still use the shower more than the bath, but sometimes a bubble bath is a nice way to relax!


Lady Joyful


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