Thought-Of-The-Day: February 7th 2017

Please be considerate of the space you’re taking up when using public transport. 

Especially when the bus is busy, like it was this morning. (Understandable given it was -20…) Fine, you prefer to sit in the aisle seat rather than by the window. But you’re blocking the window seat in doing so, which means somebody else isn’t able to sit down. Not cool.

Even more not cool when you purposefully and carefully stare out of the window to avoid eye contact with any of the poor people having to balance in the corridor of the bus.

I’m so glad that I get on the bus before the busier stops, so I’ve never had a problem getting a seat during my commute. But that doesn’t make me any less frustrated on behalf of my fellow passengers.

If you’re using public transport, be nice. Don’t block seats, be it with your bag or your body. (I’ll admit I do tend to have my backpack on the seat beside me when it’s quiet, but as soon as anyone approaches needing a seat, or if there is a particularly large influx of people, I move the bag onto my lap to make space for someone else to sit.) Don’t ignore the fact that other people might want to sit. And if someone needs the seat more than you do, offer it to them.

It’s not hard.


Lady Joyful


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