Photo-A-Day: February 7th 2017

February 7th 2017Remember when I mentioned that parks tend to have toy supplies? Here’s some of the sleds at the park we most often frequent. I have pulled the boys a few times whilst they sit on these. Sometimes one, sometimes both. It depends on the size of the sledge and how interested they are at the time.

If I pointed the sledges out more often they’d probably want to go on them more often. But a certain amount of slidiness to the ground surface is required in order to successfully pull the sledge along. And if the ground has that slipperiness, chances are I need to concentrate on not falling over myself (due to not have the Finns ability to walk on ice…) which means I have difficulty concentrating on pulling a sledge at the same time.

You may think pulling a sledge doesn’t require a lot of concentration. You’d be right, up to a point. The thing is, if you have two toddlers in a sledge you have to be extra careful, because they haven’t quite grasped the need to maintain balance. They may at any moment lunge over to grab a particularly interesting lump of snow, and you as the sledge-puller must be aware enough to respond quickly so the whole thing doesn’t tip up.

At least that’s what my experience tells me!

It’s very sweet when they both want to go on the sledge at the same time though. Thing 1 is usually first on, and then he’ll gesture and verbalise to let me know he wants Thing 2 to join him. If Thing 2 is interested then he’ll sit in front of Thing 1 and they’ll snuggle up together for their ride. Very cute.

Although sometimes Thing 2 decided to try and lay down on Thing 1 who then gets annoyed and pushes or kicks Thing 2, who stares at me in confusion because clearly he did nothing wrong, right?


Lady Joyful


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