Thought-Of-The-Day: February 6th 2017

Well that certainly took long enough. 

The flat we moved into back in September, the one we currently live in, was a brand new build. As such we’ve had a few issues with the address. You see, until today Google maps didn’t know where our address was.

We first discovered it the day that I collected the keys and went to check that everything was in order. Thing is, when I got to the place that Google maps said our flat should be, I found a rocky green space behind a church. No flat.

I must’ve walked around for a good 20 minutes trying to work out where on earth the place was. In the end I phoned husband, who was hundreds of kilometres north finishing packing out old flat.

After explaining the situation and looking through emails received previously from the housing company he found the address for the next door building, which I’d technically on a different street because ours is on a corner. So I set off there.

It was about 10 minutes walk from where I’d been…

We quickly got used to not being able to use our address when planning routes. When I’m checking buses home I enter the address of a nearby building instead.

It’s been a bit awkward if we’ve been having something delivered, or need to order a taxi. Their GPS won’t find our building so we’d have to tell them to go to the other address, but turn right instead of left at the end.

But now, finally, months after moving in Google maps has changed its marker to the right place and is now correctly showing where we live! Huzzah!


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: February 6th 2017

    • Yes that would be frustrating! The house I grew up in always seemed to be impossible for delivery people to find for some reason. It wasn’t like it was hidden away!

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