Photo-A-Day: February 5th 2017

February 5th 2017Doesn’t that climbing frame look like some kind of over-sized, oddly geometric spider’s web? I’m just glad there wasn’t an accompanying Shelob or Arogog sized spider sitting on it…

I really do not like spiders. They are yucky. They creep me out. They’re welcome to exist, I just prefer that they do it as far away from me as possible please.

I’ve always felt that way about spiders. The house I lived in as a child had a tendency to attract spiders during the Autumn. Big ones. And frequently I was the one to find them, lucky me. Once I was reaching for the toilet roll only to spot a huge spider sitting below it. Another time whilst getting ready for bed one crawled out from behind my bookcase. Then there was the time that I spotted one on my bed only for it to disappear by the time my mum came to get rid of it for me. It turned up when I folded back my cover at bedtime… Yuck.

And nobody ever believe me when I said how big they were. They would think I was exaggerating. Until they saw it themselves, that is.

On one rare occasion my older brother found one of the large spiders before me. It climbed up onto his shoulder from the back of his dressing gown. I believe he threw the dressing gown off as quickly as possible and sprinted down two flights of stairs to get away from it.

Whilst they most often seemed to lurk in shady corners waiting to terrify me, sometimes the spiders would appear scuttling along the floor. On these occasions I would try to draw one of the cats’ attention to it (assuming they were nearby.) Usually I am all for live and let live, and will try to rescue insects and put them outside. But spiders the size of my hand are a different matter. If you can’t fit under a glass to be scooped up then I’m sorry but you’ll have to be cat dinner. That’s just the way it is.


Lady Joyful


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