Thought-Of-The-Day: February 4th 2017

I guess I’ll never learn!

It happened again. I had an idea for the Thought, and then I forgot it. I didn’t write it down. Why? Probably because I’m not very clever.

Actually I think it was because I was in the middle of making a card at the time. And when I’m making a card I get quite sucked in to what I’m doing, and don’t have time for silly things like stopping to write down the ideas I have in order to prevent the agony of trying to remember them later.

Maybe I should start keeping a notebook nearby… A second one, that is. I already have one where I note down the things I want to include in particular cards so that I don’t forget anything. Doesn’t always work because, as I said, I get sucked in to card making, and sometimes I forget to double-check what I was planning on including, which means I finish the card and discover that, oh right, I was meant to use polka dots for the balloon. But never mind.

I think I’m rambling… Am I rambling? I’m tired. Bedtime methinks.


Lady Joyful


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