Thought-Of-The-Day: February 3rd 2017

I sure have some fun conversations at work.

During snack time, for example, this conversation took place:

Me: Don’t blow bubbles in your milk.

Thing 1: Bubble!

He’s never said that before, so I decided to write the new word into his notebook. The boys each have a notebook where I write things about their days. As I was writing Thing 1 was babbling at me.

Me: I’m just writing in your notebook. Yes, that’s a pen.

Thing 1: Pen!

Another new word! So I wrote that down too. All the while Thing 1 and 2 are chattering away. Then…

Thing 1: Uhoh.

Me: Uhoh? Why uhoh?

Thing 1, giggling: Uhoh.

Thing 2: Uhoh!

They carry on to have an entire conversation of “uhoh” for the next several minutes, which was very amusing.

Me: Uhoh, here comes trouble!

Thing 1: Bubble?

Thing 2: Apple!

Me, jokingly: You crazy people!

Thing 2: Purple?

That’s a word he learned a couple of days ago. It seems to be his current favourite.

Pronunciations were not exact, but close enough.

I’m not sure if that’s as amusing to read as it was to experience… As you can tell I participate in a high intellectual quality of conversations during the work day. I guess that’s what I get for working with toddlers!!

Honestly though, I’m very proud of them for learning these new words. Thing 1 also said dog this morning for the first time. It really is amazing to see how much they’re learning. When I first started working with them in August Thing 2 wasn’t familiar with English at all (Thing 1’s dad speaks English with him) and now they both clearly understand a lot of what I say, and are beginning to verbalise things themselves too.

And finally enough, I don’t mind the lack of “intelligent” conversation. I’m shy and introverted, I’m very happy to spend my days with toddlers rather than being forced to communicate with adults all day. That would be exhausting!


Lady Joyful


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