Photo-A-Day: February 3rd 2017

February 3rd 2017Most of the bigger parks here have toy supplies. Sheds with trikes, chests full of buckets and spades, balls and cars, that sort of thing. The parks are also staffed, and the staff will open the chests for the busier times of day, or by request.
The boys normally take toys with them to the park so I don’t ask for the chest to be opened. Partly because that would require communicating with someone, and I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know…

Anyways. The boys like to swipe the snow off the top of this chest every time we’re there. They’ll also drum on it, kick it (which I discourage), and bang the lock (ditto). They know that the chest has toys in but they don’t fuss about getting into it.

A couple of months ago at one of the other parks Thing 2 overreached and tipped head first into the chest… Thankfully it’s not deep, there was a big pile of trucks to soften the impact, and he didn’t do anything more than scare himself.

This week when we were at the park this picture was taken it was very icy. Thing 1 kept sliding over. At one point he slid and, if it weren’t for me being between him and the chest, he would have hit his head quite hard on it. As it was he knocked it slightly. He seems to have a knack for falling and knocking his head, poor thing! That was the first of three times he’s done it this week alone. Thankfully none of them were bad falls. Seems like he’s always bruising himself.

So, the picture. I thought the chest looked interesting with all the snow piled on it, and especially the texture it got at the front. Hence the picture.


Lady Joyful


5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: February 3rd 2017

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    • How old is she? I think it’s very normal in toddlers! Then again I’m constantly managing to walk into things, so I’m not sure what that says about me πŸ˜›

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