Photo-A-Day: February 2nd 2017

February 2nd 2017Let’s complain about the weather, because that’s something I never do, right?
The weather this winter has been so indecisive. One moment it’s snowing heavily, then it warms up and everything melts and goes slushy, then the temperature drops and the slush freezes and everything becomes slippery. Some days it’s beautifully sunny, and others are grey and miserable. Some days it’s warm (if you consider +5C to be warm, which many don’t), some are chilly, and others are in the minus twenties and make me want to hide in my bed. (Admittedly that last one has only happened twice.)

Today it snowed, and was pretty windy. Saturday is meant to have highs of 0, and then Monday is forecast as -10.

Can it be summer soon?


Lady Joyful


3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: February 2nd 2017

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