Photo-A-Day: January 31st 2017

January 31st 2017Yesterday was snowy, and today is icy. So icy that I ended up wearing my shoes spikes. That’s the first time this winter that I’ve used them!
I used them a lot last winter. Particularly at the end of it, when the weather decided that it would be a good idea to turn all the pavements into ice rinks for a few weeks.

Not many Finns use shoes spikes. And those that do seem to mostly be older folk. I think Finns must have evolved some ability to walk on slippery surfaces without trouble, and I guess some people lose it with old age.

I do not have that ability. Show me a patch of ice and I will probably slide in anticipation. And honestly, I manage to injure myself enough without walking with a lack of traction. (Case in point, I managed to slice my finger open earlier when cutting up orange for the boys’ snack.)

Shoe spikes make my life so much easier. I can walk on ice with no negative effects! I even managed to push a double buggy containing two toddlers up a steep hill path the surface of which was basically glass. And I didn’t fall down, smash my face on the ground, and suffer the indignity of said buggy reversing over me as gravity pulled it downhill. That would certainly have added insult to injury. If it had happened. Which it didn’t. Because I have shoe spikes.

Even so, if the ice could please be less icy that would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Lady Joyful


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