Photo-A-Day: January 30th 2017

January 30th 2017It was snowing pretty determinedly when we went to the park this morning. Not really heavy, just very constant. Or at least I thought it didn’t seem really heavy, but the evidence seemed to suggest otherwise. Part way through our time there I noticed how thick the snow on the buggy was getting. So I brushed the snow off. This picture is taken about five or ten minutes after that initial brushing.
About the same amount of time passed (though I didn’t brush in between) before I took this next picture. That’s some thick snow!

January 30th 2017 b

I realised once we got back inside that I probably should have put the rain cover over the buggy… For some reason my brain doesn’t think to put it on the buggy unless it’s raining. No rain means no rain cover. Maybe I need to start thinking of it as a precipitation cover…


Lady Joyful

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