Thought-Of-The-Day: January 29th 2017

It’s not like I wanted to sleep anyway…

I think Sampson has learned to tell the time, because this morning he started walking all over me at about the time I normally get up for work. That’s just before six… I really don’t want to be awake that early on a Sunday.

Then of course the washing machine turned on and started being noisy. I’d set it on delay timer. But apparently the delay doesn’t delay the start time. You’re choosing how many hours from now you want it to finish. So when I thought I was setting it to start at about 7.30 I was actually setting it to finish then, which meant starting about six. Yay…

Husband was able to sleep through the noise, the lucky devil. None of that luck for me. I gave up trying to sleep at about 6.30, got up at 7.00 because Lola was yelling, fed her, sorted a couple more boxes, then went and made pancakes for breakfast. Husband finally got up when they were ready. I’m definitely not jealous of his ability to sleep… What makes you think that?


Lady Joyful


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