A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 4 2017

motivationheaderThe last full week of January is now heading to its end. I feel it has been a successful month over all. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement – there always is. That’s the point of this year long challenge, after all!

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Read daily
    • Going well. I continue to take weekends off, and I’m okay with that. I think I’ll allow that. I didn’t actually read on Friday either, but that’s because I finished my book on Thursday and then forgot to put a new one in my bag. I’ve picked out my next book and it’s the first in a trilogy so I’m set for the next 6 weeks, in theory! That’s if I stay on track at least. I’m not convinced I can shelf this one yet. Perhaps next week.
  • Go to bed on time
    • My average fall asleep time has gradually been getting earlier over the course of the month so I do seem to be improving somewhat. It’s definitely something I still need to work on, but I’m getting there. I’ll keep at it.
  • Work before play
    • I think I am getting better at this, though it’s a bit of a difficult one to keep track of. Reading and colouring are easy to track because I have physical evidence of the result. Bedtime is easy to track because I have a sleep app I use. This one, well… it’s hard, especially as things like card making fall into both the work and play categories. But I do think I’m gradually improving. I think I need to be more aware of what I’m using my time for, and also prioritise what productive things I do when.
  • Brush Lola’s teeth
    • Uh… Well, I did them yesterday! And I do plan to get them done today too, but she’s sleeping at the moment. I’ll do my best. On the plus side, when I brushed them yesterday they didn’t bleed at all (they had slightly last week) which I presume means they’re fully recovered from the cleaning at the vet’s. Hopefully that means she won’t object so much to me cleaning them.


Habits to add:

  • Communicate more
    • Last year I was planning on doing InCoWriMo during February. I didn’t do a very good job of it. In fact I have done such a bad job of being a pen pal that I think most of my pen pals have given up on me. I did send them all Christmas cards, which I hope they liked. Anyway. I’m going to have another go at it this year, after a manner. I still have some Christmas cards I need to reply to, so I’ll start with them. And a couple of pen pals to write back to. Plus I’ll try and be in contact with my family more – we’re supposed to Skype regularly but it just hasn’t been happening. There are a few old friends that I’d like to get back in contact with too. That’s my goal. I won’t necessary write a letter/card every day, but I’ll try and send some kind of communication to a friend, family member or pen pal every day.

Week 4Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily
    • On track, though I did miss one day this week. This week’s page was actually fairly simple, so it only took two sessions to get it coloured, although those were Monday and Friday! The other days I counted the colouring I did for cards.


Lady Joyful


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