Thought-Of-The-Day: January 25th 2017

I’m not sure that’s entirely appropriate…

Thing 1 was playing with his selection of animal toys this morning. They’re mostly those little plastic model animals you can get, but there were a few larger animals made of squishy plastic, kind of like what rubber ducks are made of. They squeak when you squeeze them.

If you’re familiar with rubber ducks you probably remember that they have a little hole on the underside which is where the air moves in and out. Well, the designers of these particular toys Thing 1 has made a different choice of where to put the little squeak holes…

The thing is, they don’t even look like what squeak holes normally look like. They look, well… You tell me how they look.Oh dear...

Yeah. What were they thinking?

Okay, if I’m honest I think it’s pretty amusing. But even so..!


Lady Joyful


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