Photo-A-Day: January 24th 2017

January 24th 2017Usually when I have flower pictures for this series I have no idea what they are. Today I know though! This is an Amaryllis. It’s a very pretty flower.
The reason I know what it is, is because we had one in our kitchen window in the house I grew up in. I remember when we first got it – the bulb grows very quickly, and my brother’s and I measured it each morning and evening to keep track of how fast it was growing.

From what I recall it would flower maybe once a year. Most of the time it was just the green leaves, but then one of the green shoots would reveal itself to be a flower bud. The buds usually had three or four flowers in them, and the flowers are very big when they open up.

I’m not certain if my mum still has our Amaryllis…

I do really like this flower. Maybe I’ll get one for our flat sometime… Then again, it’s probably not the best idea. We don’t really have room for it. Plus I have a knack for murdering all the plants I try to grow… And Sampson would probably try to eat it anyway.


Lady Joyful


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