Thought-Of-The-Day: January 23rd 2017

Sunshine is the best!

The days are getting gradually lighter, and I am very pleased about it. According to the box on our calendar, the 30th of this month has about 2 hours more daylight than the 1st did. And it’s only going to get lighter.

Sunlight is pretty important to me. As someone who gets SAD, brighter days are definitely a good thing.

My calendar also just happens to show me the daylight hours for the city we were living in prior to this one. As of the 30th their daylight hours will be about the same as ours were on the 1st. Too dark. Sure the summer days are longer up there with much more daylight, but I’d rather have darker nights in the summer to be able to have lighter days in the winter in return. I need light when I’m not sleeping, please!


Lady Joyful


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